About BK Labtech

Our aim in the burner and boiler plant industry is to increase reliability and maximise efficiency. There are various ways in which this can be achieved, at BK Labtech we train technicians and engineers to a highly skilled level. By the end of training, they should be reliable and trustworthy to operate their boiler plant safely, getting the highest output from the time and energy spent on procedures, equipment and projects.


To manage energy usage correctly, engineers should be analysing every part of converting different forms of stored energy to useful energy, and optimising that process. In the combustion industry, this translates to looking at how efficient is the product and the technician at releasing all of the chemical energy in the fuel, to the heat we require. Our enthusiasm for combustion and engineering motivates others, we are currently a member of the Combustion Engineering Association in the UK.


Our vision for BK Labtech is to inspire trainee and experienced personnel who work in the combustion industry, from technical, consultant or management backgrounds, to increase reliability and maximise efficiency, in all parts of the combustion and steam industry.