Boiler Room Safety and Compliance (BRSAC)

Who Should Attend?

  • Those responsible for the operation of a boiler plant. e.g. senior managers and directors with overall responsibility for the site.
  • Those whose duties involve working in or around boilers and require an awareness of the dangers and safety considerations involved.
  • Delegates wanting to operate boiler plant safely under the direct guidance and supervision of a competent colleague e.g. a BOAS accredited operator or manager.
  • BOAS candidates who currently do not have sufficient experience to meet the entry requirements for a BOAS course.
  • Delegates looking to bridge gaps in their knowledge to progress to BOAS accreditation.

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to help enable the safe, efficient, and compliant operation of the boiler plant by increasing awareness of the dangers, legislation, responsibilities, and best practice associated with it.

What Will Delegates Learn?

By the end of this course the successful delegate will have a greater awareness of:

  • the relevant legislation, best practice guidelines and permitting which must be considered.
  • Health and Safety issues surrounding the boiler house and systems.
  • the different types of boiler they are likely to encounter & their fittings/controls.
  • the factors affecting boiler room efficiency, how to optimise it & minimise fuel costs.
  • the daily/weekly tests recommended in the BG01 and their importance.
  • the importance of correct feedwater storage, treatment and testing as described in BG04.
  • boiler blowdown, blowdown control, blowdown vessels and the BG03 recommendations.
  • water level controls & alarm systems and how to check or respond to them.
  • the combustion process, products of combustion and emissions.
  • The importance of accurate record-keeping, especially should something go wrong.

Course Outcomes

Successful delegates will gain a Certification in Boiler Room Safety and Compliance Awareness.


Duration: 2 days

Venue: BK Labtech, Biggin Hill, Kent, UK
Can also be delivered to the client’s site.


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