The requirement for a dedicated facility for product development and field engineer training has long been recognised as a high priority by Autoflame’s Managing Director. The founder and MD of Autoflame Engineering Brendan Kemp.


Our Industry is constantly evolving because of rapid changes in market demands. This demand has resulted in the introduction of many new technologies into our industry that have not historically been associated with problem-solving in combustion engineering.


The simple solution to the above is for the field support technicians and the end users staff to be properly trained in a friendly and relaxed way by knowledgeable and experienced people. This will build confidence in the engineers own ability and in the equipment they are supporting. The students attending these courses will have the theoretical aspects explained to them in a lecture theatre environment by qualified people. They then can test their new found knowledge on in-house installations with guidance from their tutors.


The History behind BK Labtech

The creation of this total facility was made possible by joint funding from Autoflame Engineering and Limpsfield Combustion. We are sure that our customers, associates and the industry generally will take advantage of this training and development opportunity. The investment in training will increase the perceived effectiveness of our industry’s technical capability.