Fuel-Air Ratio Commissioning and Boiler Control


BK Labtech is the official Autoflame boiler controller training provider. This training course covers the installation, set up and maintenance of the MM controller in hot water and steam plant systems. By the end of the course, candidates will be assessed and certified on installing and commissioning the MM controller, with a full understanding of how to operator the boiler plant reliably and safely.


3 days


From £1500 + VAT per person (Overseas customers, please contact directly)

(Minimum attendees required)


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  • Overview
  • Electrical Installation Guide and Wiring Checks
  • Setting Options and Parameters
  • Setting VSD
  • Burner Start-up and Flame Safeguard
  • Valve Proving System
  • Commissioning Controller
  • Fuel Flow Commissioning
  • Upload/Downloading Commission Data
  • Single Point Change
  • Exhaust Gas Analysis
  • Adding 3-Parameter Trim to a Fuel Curve
  • Reducing Cycling through PID
  • Boiler Sequencing
  • Remote Control and Data Logging
  • Troubleshooting System Faults
  • Water Level Control in Steam Boilers
  • Commissioning Water Level Probes
  • Surface Top Blowdown and Bottom Blowdown
  • Maintaining Stack Pressure
  • Steam Flow Metering
  • First Out Annunciation

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